Welcome to the Heritage app

  • Extra information during your visit

    Scan with the heritage app to receive additional information or receive it automatically (from iBeacons) along the exhibition.

  • Tours & Map

    Discover heritage trails, indoor & outdoor tours in your area. Come to special places and get interesting stories.

  • AppNews

    We keep you posted on exhibitions, search tours or guided tours in which this app is used.

How does it Work

  • We automatically send you interesting information (from iBeacons) at the location you are visiting.

  • Awesome search tours for children, adolescents & adults make your visit even more fascinating.

  • You receive exclusive information at artworks, objects & locations by scanning the objects with the app or through push notifications from iBeacons.

  • With this app you will uncover the fascinating cultural heritage in Flanders and Brussels. You will love it!

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